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Benefits for Body

Mona Argan Oil rehydrates skin in record time and regenerates skin cells. Its anti-aging power is exceptional. Many laboratory analyses have also demonstrated these excellent properties and experts continue to search to find other virtues of this rare and precious oil.

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For hundreds of years, women used Moroccan Argan Oil by doing massages to prevent and treat chapped lips, skin crevices and wrinkles (young and old). But the greatest thing about Mona Argan Oil is its anti-aging power; the oil allows the skin to stay young and erases wrinkles without having to go through a pile of plastic surgery sessions.

The beauticians know that there are no rivals to Argan Oil when it comes to anti-aging. A few drops of Mona Argan Oil can be applied to the face before bed. Result: The face is replenished; the skin becomes soft, smooth and toned.

Argan Oil is a very popular product among women because of the many benefits it brings to the skin. Our skin is exposed every day to sun, stress, smoking, pollutions and many other factors that promote skin aging. Mona Argan Oil protects our skin from aging by revitalizing cell functions that help prevent skin-ageing. This pure oil revitalizes the skin for a young and wrinkle-less skin. Mona Argan Oil has been known to reduce blemishes caused by acne. The oil regulates the sebum on the skin and therefore reduces the oiliness. Argan Oil is also known to help in treatment of eczema and psoriasis. Mona Argan Oil is also used for skin hydration and by pregnant women to prevent stretch marks.

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Cellulite, stretch marks:

Mona Argan Oil is also recommended to replace your usual beauty cream, it is viewed by beauticians as an upgrade to your traditional beauty cream because Mona Argan Oil is a complete and yet 100% natural product. Effective in preventing stretch marks, it also restores elasticity to the skin and reduces those marks.

It is better to use Mona Argan Oil regularly to preempt stretch marks especially during pregnancy. But it is never too late in case of Mona Argan Oil. Mona Argan Oil can be massaged gently over stretch marks, and it will restore the elasticity of the skin and engulf the stretch marks.

Reduced appearance of brown spots, facial acne and neckline:

Mona Argan Oil must be applied on clean skin. For best effect, take a bath, then massage your body with Mona Argan Oil and relax. You will quickly see results. Your skin will be smoother, softer and silky.

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Excellent for chest and breasts:

Mona Argan Oil allows for a good maintenance of the skin of the breasts. It will help you have firmer, toned and moisturized breasts.

Anti-aging power:

When you start gaining years, the skin would start experiencing changes. Wrinkles and age spots are not the only issues you’d have to address. Your skin can also become more sensitive. Age-related redness is also an issue. The great news is there are certain measures you can take to get your skin looking and feeling more youthful.

If you’re looking for an all round beauty tip that can help you with anything from defying those wrinkles and fine lines, to acne and blemishes or simply after prolonging that summer sun glow, then the miracle that is Mona Argan Oil is a good place to start.

Mona Argan Oil softens skin; moisturizes and protects against drying out:

Mona Argan oil soothes and calms inflamed and dry skin.  It is very rich in alpha-tocopherol, Vitamin E, used by the body to promote healing and help with scaring, wonderful for all skin types but particularly sensitive, dry, sun exposed skin.

For the balance of dry skin and dehydrated for use in day care and night.

Excellent care at night for all skin types, it regenerates the skin during sleep and fights skin aging.

Very moisturizing, it prevents premature aging due to external aggressions (sun, bad weather, cold, cracking, stress)

Aging and Sagging Skin:

When we get older, the skin starts sagging. Yes, it’s not just wrinkles you have to worry about when you get older. You have probably heard many mature women blame everything on gravity but the truth is there are other factors involved in making the skin sag. Although the effects of aging would take over the skin in time, there are measures you can take to delay its onset.

Rejuvenate your skin with just few drops of Mona Argan Oil:
Rub into your skin for fast relief of dry, aging skin. Mona Argan Oil contains all the numerous variations of Vitamin E, Essential Fatty Acids, Omega 6, and other important natural nutrients that work together to protect, moisturize, and rejuvenate damaged tissues.

You will feel better and look younger. When you use Mona Argan Oil, people notice. You look more beautiful. You look younger.

How Your Skin is A Reflection of Your Health:

Pay attention to your skin! It may be telling you a lot about the state of your health. While smooth, glowing skin might be a sign of good health, the opposite is true of dry, yellow, or acne-ridden skin. Your skin is a reflection of underlying conditions that would need the right treatment. On the other hand you can keep the skin healthy with the right food, Mona Argan Oil and proper skin care!

How to apply:

Mona Argan Oil is not only used for face, but it is also used by many, on the entire body. It will help moisturize and regenerate your skin, giving it a beautiful and natural glow.

Apply Mona Argan Oil on your body before bed. Your skin will gain elasticity and you will see visible results on the following day.

Also, after the bath or a peeling, gently massage into the skin while the skin is still damp. Mona Argan Oil pampers the skin and makes it soft and supple again. It maintains the skin’s natural balance. The skin’s natural balance is restored and regular application helps rid it of any unpleasant tautness.

Mona Argan Oil is best applied to the face & body at any time, especially after bathing while the skin is still damp.

How it works:

Mona Argan Oil is a natural source of vitamin E and therefore has outstanding antioxidant properties. It’s the ideal protection against free radicals in the skin, which can be caused by environmental influences and stress.

In one application study, testers found that, after using Mona Argan Oil for just three days, their dry, flaky skin had been effectively improved. Oxidative stress in the skin cells was also significantly reduced.

Mona Argan Oil is food for your skin. Due to environmental stress, your skin is constantly being deprived of the nutrients needed to maintain its necessary levels of hydration and collagen. Mona Argan Oil is a natural solution to defend the skin against premature aging and UV exposure.

Skin care in summary:

When applied to the skin, Mona Argan Oil rapidly penetrates without leaving a greasy or shiny trace. In fact, its effect is completely the opposite as it leaves the skin soft with an extraordinary sensory feeling. As a body care product, the oil is ideal for massages. It provides:

  • an excellent anti-free radical effect that provides preventive anti-ageing care,
  • a nutritional effect on dry skin with a tendency to eczema by helping to restore the coetaneous barrier,
  • a sebum regulating action for greasy skins,
  • a regenerating ability for the care of stretch marks and enhancing healing.

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"A rich source of Vitamin E and Essential Fatty Acids—a “super food” for the skin and hair Commonly referred to as “The Gold of Morocco,” it is cold pressed and organically grown Traditionally used by women in Morocco to counteract the effects of aging on hair, skin and nails Intensifies shine and softness to hair while minimizing fly-aways and treating split ends “Argan oil has become a go-to ingredient for backstage hairstylists at fashion shows who want to tame frizz and bring out shine”"
Catherine Saint Louis, Beauty Spots author, New York Times